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How do you get to Amberland?

Amberland, as my boyfriend calls it, is a confusing place where my brain often resides. I have a knack for getting into situations and fortunately, an even better knack for getting out of them. I like to create new things or make current things better. The best way for you to be a part of Amberland is to jump right in and attempt to understand. Well, perhaps not understand, but at least pretend to understand and generally empathize.

I guess technically, Amberland is in the Midwest. What a lovely place. I have big hair all summer long from the humidity and freeze the rest of the year. We bought our house in May 2008.  It was built in 1941, and our 86-year-old next-door neighbor built it. I guess you would call it charming – original hardwood floors, corners that aren’t perfect, cold in the winter and summer (thank you cinder blocks ), drawers that aren’t perfect, wallpaper on the ceilings. But most importantly… it’s ours!

This blog will document my pursuits… the good, the bad, and the “thank-goodness-nobody-who-reads-this-knows-me-in-real-life-so-that-I-don’t-die-of-embarrassment” ones.


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