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Everywhere a pear

The two, large dining room windows have been naked since we moved in last May. Regular curtains were too small, and even if I did find ones that would fit, I wasn’t spending $23980345 on curtains… and they all seem to cost that much.

I am quite particular about fabric. I knew exactly what I wanted but I couldn’t find it… for almost 11 months! I would wander around JoAnn’s aimlessly each week to no avail. Then, I was at Target (where I could live) and from afar, I spotted these gorgeous bowls with pears on them, and I was hooked. I have a “thing” for fruit. I’m strangely drawn to it.

But you see, I’m on a budget. So I walked away from the $19.99 Orla Kiely pear bowl and serving tray. Then, two days later, I went back, and there were new pear items!! I saw a woman holding some pear kitchen towels, and trying not be creepy, I gasped, “Please, where did you find those beautiful towels?” She looked at me and pointed to the back of the store. Fortunately, there are enough strange people in that Target that I was just like everyone else.

As I reached the back of the store, I saw a tablecloth in the exact fabric that I wanted for the dining room table. I bought it and took it to the register, giving up my final Target giftcard from Christmas. Here is my gorgeous tablecloth:

I figured that I could match curtains to the cream color in the tablecloth, and it would all come together to compliment the chocolate brown walls.

I ran home, unwrapped the tablecloth, and discovered that it was too big for my table. Not easily discouraged, and most certainly not giving up the perfect fabric, I looked around… and it hit me. The tablecloth would make perfect curtains. I figured I would head to Target and buy two more. But then that would be $40 more. I tried to talk my boyfriend into giving me his Target giftcards, but he just looked at me.

That’s when I realized that regular long curtains would destroy the gorgeous sunlight of the room. So I was going to make valances. I measured, and amazingly, one tablecloth was exactly perfect for curtains. After measuring and sewing, measuring, measuring, cursing, measuring, and sewing, I finished them. I am proud to show you these.

Go ahead, tell me how beautiful they are. đŸ™‚


One Response

  1. LOVE the window treatments!

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